Anonymously send messages to other users


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Sarahah is an instant messaging app that allows you to anonymously send messages to any other user. Simply enter a valid email address to create an account and start chatting.

To start a conversation with Sarahah, you can simply use the integrated search engine to find someone. You can start conversations with people you already know, or with someone new. The only information you can see about the person is their name and avatar.

In the options menu you can choose if you want your account to appear in other user's searches. If someone you don't wish to talk to starts messaging you, you can simply block them. However, on the flip side of that, your own account can be blocked for rude or offensive speech, too.

Thanks to the instant messaging app Sarahah, you can communicate with millions of people in the simplest way possible. Best of all Sarahah is just as useful for anonymous chatting with people from all over the world as it is for private communication between friends.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher